New Cars, buying a vehicle
It is important that you know how to negotiate from a power position to pay the lowest price you can for a new vehicle. Any information you know gives you the power to get a good deal but knowing how to handle the negotiation can make the difference.
You should be knowledgeable about the dealerfs invoice price of the car you feel best suits for you, the presence of any dealer holdbacks, incentives, customer rebates or other special offers that can establish your bargaining position, the vehiclefs popularity or accessibility, scarcity or oversupply, and your points bidding target.
Sales person has different strategies, among these is to assess you as a buyer, to control the context of the negotiation and what they call the waiting game so just always stay on the move.
Be knowledgeable about the information of the vehicle you are looking for. Be direct to the model, vehicle, options package and price over invoice that you have decided. Get the salesman talking in terms of price over invoice. Stay on the move while the salesperson consults with others because this maintains your control over the negotiation. Contact few more dealers and see if you can improve on your firm price. If youfve got the deal you want, the car you want and the options you want, it is time to see the finance manager.

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